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MA Relationship Therapy, Registered Member of BACP

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Transforming how you feel about yourself and your relationship.

Is Lockdown the new 'Marmite'?


One thing is sure we are all going through different emotions and experiences during these unusual times. Some days we may be loving it and other days we may be hating it, hence the Marmite reference. However, helping at my local Grocer's I realise I have few more allies on the Marmite front then previously realised!

It is absolutely

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The Languages of Love - Are you both on the same page?

This is really about how individuals want love to be expressed by their partner. Sometimes it is assumed that your partner will intuitively know what makes you tick, what is important to you and when you feel most loved. This can be a minefield if a partner is basing their ideas on their own views and what can then happen is that genuine gestures

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Perimenopause, Menopause and Sexuality

By the age of 40, women enter a perimenopausal stage. Periods may start to become more erratic, may become longer or heavier, or lighter and shorter. A woman can be perimenopausal for a number of years (2-8), still remain fertile until her periods finally stop. After one year has passed with no periods this is known as the menopause. The average

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Gender is what you are between the ears, not the legs.

Gender is what you are between your ears and not between your legs. Sometimes this matches our sexual organs and sometimes it doesn't. Gender can be expressed much more fluidly. Sam Killermann explains the complexities of gender and the assumptions made. He encourages us to be gender creative in understanding and appreciating the variants of

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What you didn't learn in sex education? A different spin on understanding sexual consent

Thames Valley Police provide a simple and effective way of explaining sexual consent by comparing sex to drinking a cup of tea in this brief video. 

Using this simple analogy it certainly gets the point across on what is a serious issue around sexual behaviour and attitudes.  Something to share with your teenage children.

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What does sex mean to you?

Sex can mean and involve different things – stroking, touching, kissing, licking, caressing, cuddling and not just penetrative sex or intercourse.

How you physically comfort and offer your sexual partner pleasure is open to exploration, negotiation and consent. It can be lots of fun.­­

Maybe it is a stress relief from the pressures of

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