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Relate Trained, PGDip Psychosexual Therapy, Member of COSRT,
MA Relationship Therapy, Registered Member of BACP

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Transforming how you feel about yourself and your relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emotional Eating Behaviour Programme

The Emotional Eating Behaviour Programme involves around 10 sessions of therapy to look at how certain foods are used to regulate mood.  It helps to make sense of why you eat, what you eat and when this is not as a result of hunger but other

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What happens if my partner won't join me in counselling?

If a partner doesn’t want to join in couple counselling then it can still be helpful for one partner to speak to a counsellor individually, to gain fresh perspectives and new insight on his/her difficulties.  Speaking to someone neutral who isn’t

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What happens in Counselling?

Counselling is a process that enables clients to feel comfortable in talking openly about their problems, making sense of their feelings and situation by sharing their perspective, gaining new perspectives that will ultimately lead to change or

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Can therapy help if my sexual difficulties are a result of surgery/treatment/disability?

Yes, very much so.  Therapy can help to explain changes in sexual functioning and make sense of sexual responses and any sexual impairment as a result of surgery/treatment/disability.  Information giving will also help to dispel any sexual myths

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Do I have to be referred by my GP?

No, many people self refer for therapy. That said, you may find it helpful talking to your GP about your sexual difficulties to rule out any underlying medical problem. For example, erectile difficulties can be an early indicator of possible cardiac

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How long is each appointment and how many sessions will be needed?

Most appointments are scheduled for one hour.  The amount of sessions needed is on a case by case basis as each individual or couple case is different as clients bring a variety of issues.  It also depends on whether clients can make regular

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What happens in Sex Therapy?

Sexual difficulties can be caused by physical/organic factors but are often psychological, or a mixure of the two. The difficulties may have gradually worsened, have been lifelong or recently appeared and sex therapy can help you find a new and

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