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Relate Trained, PGDip Psychosexual Therapy, Member of COSRT,
MA Relationship Therapy, Registered Member of BACP

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Transforming how you feel about yourself and your relationship.

What happens in Sex Therapy?

Sexual difficulties can be caused by physical/organic factors but are often psychological, or a mixure of the two. The difficulties may have gradually worsened, have been lifelong or recently appeared and sex therapy can help you find a new and fulfilling way of being sensual and sexual that will boost your self esteem and relationship wellbeing.  

As a client, you would follow a step by step treatment programme to meet your specific goals and can attend therapy as an individual or as a couple. If you are in a relationship, it can really help to include your partner in therapy, making sense of how you each influence the sexual relationship, exploring new levels of intimacy that will give you fulfilment, confidence and the hope you may be seeking. 

A sex therapy programme offered face to face in Doncaster or online follows a structured and boundaried process to reduce any anxiety and promote relaxation.  It follows 4 key stages.

Step 1 – Initial Assessment
There will be an initial assessment to discuss your particular sexual difficulty and how this is affecting you.

Step 2 – History Taking
The History Taking will involve compiling a detailed assessment which helps your therapist understand the context of the sexual difficulties, the possible influential factors that may have made you vulnerable to developing the sexual difficulties, what might have been the trigger and what is keeping the sexual difficulties there.  

Step 3 – Goal Setting
Based on this information, the therapist will be able to assess whether therapy will help and if so, treatment goals will be agreed and a tailor made treatment programme designed to help you overcome your specific sexual difficulties. 

Step 4 - Sex therapy Programme
Sex therapy is a ‘talking’ therapy and you won’t be required to practice anything intimate during therapy or remove any clothing. Specific exercises are given that you do in private at home (either as an individual and/or as a couple), and you will be expected to have regular appointments with your therapist to provide feedback and set new tasks. You will follow a structured, step-by-step process towards your end goals.   

Throughout the process of therapy you are likely to gain fresh perspectives on sexual intimacy, bridge any gaps in your knowledge of sexual functioning and sexual responses. You will learn techniques to reduce anxiety and tension that will help with the longer term recovery of any sexual difficulties and be informed about a variety of resources that you can use.  This means you will leave therapy with your own tools for self-maintenance and this in itself can be hugely empowering. Above all, therapy will provide a safe place to work through any blocks or fears around intimacy, using a cognitive, behavioural framework (that considers thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical responses).  

For those choosing face to face therapy, counselling takes place at St Catherine’s House, Woodfield Park, Tickhill Road, Doncaster set in beautiful grounds at a location that promotes anonymity.  There is a tearoom, walled garden and ancient woodland to explore when you visit. Alternatively, sex therapy can be offered by phone or online (via email, webcam or scheduled live chat) from the convenience of your own home.